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First Stop

When on my recent trip to find and witness the total solar eclipse, I had difficulty remembering and finding how to post on this, my blog. LOL It had been awhile!

I managed one post and then couldn’t get this “First Stop” to publish. Oh well, the first stop which was at a rest stop was not very eventful, so we’ll skip that. Suffice it to say, I was excited to be on the road.

Hopefully, now that I’m home in the country, I can briefly recap a little of my trip and then move on to exciting future plans.

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Trip to Total Eclipse

9AM FRIDAY, AUG 18, 2017
Good Morning! I am leaving home in Mississippi in search of the total eclipse. I’ll be telling you about my adventures along the way and posting pictures. Hubby is so sweet to “hold down the fort” at our retirement home in the country and take care of our 2 dogs and 3 cats. He encourages my adventures and prefers to be at home…a perfect match!