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Deer Alerts or Whistles

There are a lot of deer in our part of Mississippi! More often than not, if we drive on any of the roads around our retirement homestead at dusk or after, we’re going to see some deer.

Now the trick is not to hit one with your vehicle. Right?

So how to avoid that very dangerous and often expensive occurrence? Here are some ideas:
(1) Drive defensively…just like you watch for other vehicles who may not be watching for you, watch for deer grazing, walking, or running close to the road.
(2) Buy and install “deer alerts”. Some of the instructions say that they can be installed on the bumper or front fender. We always put ours facing forward on the front fender just behind the lights, so that the front hole of the whistle is facing toward the oncoming wind.

To view deer alerts on Amazon CLICK THIS LINK (I have not figured out how to get the picture here, but this works…lol)

We have them on all our vehicles, and they are less than $10.

Deer Alerts

Caution: They need to be slid out of the holder before putting the vehicle through an automated car wash or they can come off and be lost.

We were riding our Gold-Wing motorcycle on the 2-lane Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi several years ago, and a big whitetail deer came running fast out of the brush close to the side of the road. We had no time to even begin to stop, and if she had kept coming, she would have crossed the road right in front of us. It was an accident waiting to happen!! But, she came to a screeching halt at the edge of the road. We didn’t die that night from hitting a deer with our motorcycle, but it’s a wonder we didn’t both die of a heart attack!

Many other times, when we were in a vehicle, deer have been standing close to the edge of the road or in the median of a divided highway and have appeared to just freeze and stare at us.

So, we believe in deer alerts from first-hand experience, and they’ve been on all our vehicles for many years. A logical question then is have we ever hit a deer? The answer is NO…not in all these many years of driving. A deer did run into the front fender of hubby’s truck in the city where he was going less than 35 mph.

The deer alerts need the vehicle to be travelling more than 35 mph to work because air passing through it at that speed or faster makes the whistling noise that the deer hears.

My windshield did get kicked by a deer and shattered once….yes, really! I was on a very narrow country road with bushes and fences very close to the edges of the road, and a big deer was standing in one of these areas on the edge. I slowed down too much (<35 mph) and just before I got to the deer, and when I was almost stopped, the deer tried to cross the road. It was coming left to right, and right before I got stopped, my right front bumper was about to bump the deer's back leg(s) and instead the deer kicked her back feet up into the air and kicked my very large, slanted, Camaro windshield. It shattered but didn't fall out.

So, we believe in them, and, for your convenience, you can buy them if you