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French Toast with Nutella & Banana

20150808_104934This variation of French Toast is delicious!!

I got this idea from The Chew  TV program and made it from my recollection.

I believe they used white bread, and I only had 100% whole wheat.

They rolled it out a little, and I forgot that step, so I mashed it down. If rolled, it would have closed and stayed closed more tightly I think.

I spread it with one (1) Tbsp Nutella and

placed almost 1/2 banana sliced on one side.

One (1) Tbsp Nutella

One (1) Tbsp Nutella











Then I rolled it as tightly as possible,

dipped it (but didn’t soak it) in one beaten egg, and

cooked it in a small non-stick skillet in one (1) tsp (pat) of butter until the egg was cooked. After I took it out of the pan, I cooked the remainder of the egg in the same pan. Therefore, the entire egg is counted in the total calories.

Then I sprinkled the french toast with sugar and cinnamon (mixed) and

then a little powdered sugar and

1 Tbsp pancake syrup

for a total of 400 calories

(or 500 calories if you wanted to add another Tbsp of Nutella)