The Beginning of Spring 2015

We’ve had so much rain over so many weeks/months that it’s been impossible for us to get out in the yard with equipment to mow or till our garden areas or anything else. This has been true throughout the winter with the cold weather making it more difficult then.

Even though we’re still having thunderstorms almost every late afternoon or evening, at least the temperatures have warmed so we can work close around the house now where it’s not quite so muddy…especially under the roof. lol

The pictures below were taken earlier today. Hubby was working on a hydraulic leak on Tonka that has kept us from moving it for awhile. [Tonka is our mini-excavator/trackhoe.] When we can move it, we plan to build a greenhouse in that spot.

I was about to plant flowers in containers. Tiger (one of our two orange cats) was supervisor,¬† of course. As it turned out, the containers got some prep….weeds pulled and dirt loosened. The containers need some plant mix, and I plan to go to the edge of our “creek” to get some ferns to include, but I didn’t get that far. [The “creek” is just a long wet area, probably fed from a spring, along one edge of our property — about 50 yards from our house. It has lots of trees and ferns and probably snakes, etc.]

Our neighbor stopped by and wanted to help Jerry, so it’s all his fault I didn’t get the flowers planted yet. LOL Jerry thinks the leak is fixed, and in our lunch prayers, Jerry thanked the Lord it appears to have been fixed as easily as it was. He’s planning to wait until tomorrow before putting it all back together in order to check it out again after 24 hours. [He had to drain the diesel tank and move it a little.]

It’s a warm 79 degrees, humid, and cloudy…nice day!

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