Mulching Garden

Mulching Garden


I was born in San Antonio, Texas; lived in Kingsland, Texas and went to school in Llano, Texas middle school and part of high school; and graduated from high school in Austin, Texas. I’ve lived in Tampa, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Augusta, Georgia; Jackson, Mississippi; and now out in the country on a gravel road in Mississippi.

I’ve travelled in 48 of the lower 48 states (if you count the Detroit airport as Michigan) and Hawaii, Jamaica, Tijuana Mexico,  Canada, Czech Republic, Austria, the Amsterdam airport, Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy.

My 67 years have included being a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, sister-in-law, cousin, niece, wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

My many roles have included being a tomboy, Christian, student, friend, foe, employee, employer, counselor, secretary, occupational therapist, entrepreneur, cook, baker, speaker, singer, casual dancer, sweetheart, wife, divorcee, single mom, gardener, homesteader, retiree, and traveller.

My employment has included waitress, secretary, staff member of a college evangelistic organization, director of a crisis pregnancy center, radio DJ, admissions officer for nursing and graduate medical programs, unit manager for hospital labor and deliver, legal secretary, and rehab /nursing home /home health occupational therapist.

Businesses I have owned and run included adult daycare center, and with my daughter a restaurant and a bakery.

Volunteer positions have included vice-president and president of a graduate-school organization, church choir and soloist, gospel singer, life coach /counselor, crisis pregnancy counselor, food bank, and nursing home entertainer.

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