Government for the People by Grandma Lynne

I complain so much with my thoughts and verbally about the problems in our country, I need to express my opinions and ideas about solutions. So, here goes…

The following is what I believe would be common sense government. I probably am not thinking of everything, and I welcome your civil comments and look forward to discussing these ideas and others.

Government — whether national, state, or local — should be uncomplicated, straightforward, and common sense. Our elected officials and equal-percentage income and other taxes paid by everyone should provide for common services, i.e., police and equipment and judges to enforce simple, straight-forward laws with set consequences; firefighters and equipment; infrastructure; schools kindergarten through junior college; and hospitals and medical care including for mental disabilities.

For example, it would be a deterrent to crime if everyone knew the consequences for breaking laws, if those consequences were tough enough, and if all laws are enforced in a timely manner without parole (which inserts a variable). Laws should be simple enough that no one needs a lawyer. Prosecutors should simply present evidence including witnesses; someone accused should defend themself; and a judge, judges, or jury should give a verdict.

Ok, I’m going to go off on tangents as I think of them…

Free speech is vital, of course, but needs to be exercised in a manner that does not break simple laws or keep someone else from their free speech or free use of sidewalks, roads, or facilities. Violence or property damage should be stopped and the perpetrators arrested and punished with simple, straight-forward laws.
Demonstrators should not be allowed to keep a scheduled speaker from speaking. They should be quiet during a scheduled speech or be removed from the room.

Immigration laws should be enforced. If they aren’t acceptable to the public as they are, then the laws should be changed. But, whatever the laws are must be enforced.

Federal laws trump state and local laws, and state laws trump local laws. The federal law must be enforced everywhere or changed and enforced.

And another thing, if a state flag needs to be changed, then let the people decide; but whatever the state flag, it must be flown by state and local government and public offices and institutions. If individuals don’t like the flag, then they should use legal means to have it changed. But, as long as it’s the flag, it should be respected as such. If individuals want to fly a flag of gay rights or the former confederate flag, that is an individual right but neither should be flown by public or government offices or institutions. If an individual’s flag or property is vandalized, then the perpetrator should receive the previously set consequences for property damage.

There is the issue of making the consequences different if a crime is a “hate” crime. This is unnecessary and further complicates the enforcement of laws. Any crime should have a set consequence without any need to decide motive.

Going back to the issue of the use of our taxes. They should be used in our country and not in other countries. Humanitarian aid should be provided by humanitarian organizations who are funded by voluntary contributions. We should not have to buy friendship or loyalty from other governments. Often money that is given is, evidently, not used for good purposes. We Americans have made our country what we want it to be with sacrifice and hard work. Other citizens of other countries should do as they please for their country. In the early days of our struggle for independence, we were helped by other country(s). And, some small countries would be taken-over by larger ones without our help. So, I can see helping another country have their own independence if it is a democracy so the people run things and if they are working for their own independence. If the people of other countries let themselves be controlled by a dictator, then they are allowing those consequences. We should not and cannot force democracy on other countries.

It makes no sense that we give money to other countries and borrow money from China.

Ok, I’m tired so I’ll stop for now and let the discussion, I hope, begin. I look forward to hearing others ideas.

Grandma Lynne


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