Recap of Total Solar Eclipse Adventure

I really started thinking seriously about wanting to see the TOTAL solar eclipse about a week before I actually left home in Mississippi headed for Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

So, I looked quite awhile on Hilton Friends and Family and then TriAdvisor before I found a room that was a reasonable price. I looked in several locations and states in the path of totality, before finding a great room at a Holiday Inn Express for only Friday night before the eclipse on Monday the 21st of August, 2017.

My husband didn’t want to go but didn’t object to me going on my adventure. He never has in our 21 years of marriage. And, often he has gone right along and enjoyed them, too. But this time, the logistics of finding someone to take care of our 2 dogs and 3 cats now that we have retired to the country 100 miles away from family, was too difficult to manage. And, he likes to be at home. I do, too, but enjoy travelling and adventure a lot!

I packed our pickup with food, water, clothes, etc. that I would need for staying in the pickup Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights if I needed to. I would be able to sleep just parking in a safe location and leaning the driver’s seat back.

I left Friday morning, Aug 18, 2017, and had beautiful weather for the 300+ miles.

When I checked in to the Holiday Inn Express, I asked if they had had any rooms open up for the other nights. They had not but suggested I might try the Drury Plaza Hotel because it is relatively new. I got a reservation there for Saturday night and Monday night, but they had nothing for Sunday night. LOL That was good — I was down to spending only one night in my pickup.

When I checked in there Saturday, they had a room available for all 3 nights. TaDa!

I had a really good time sightseeing and relaxing until Monday. I spent a lot of time researching and looking for a bumper-pull travel trailer up in that area or for on the way back to Mississippi. The next article will be about the one I discovered and bought on the way home.

For watching the total solar eclipse, I put on my bathing suit and found a lounge chair just outside the indoor pool. The eclipse was spectacular! People I met everywhere were fun and friendly! After the eclipse, I took a dip in the pool.

I left Tuesday morning and drove to Memphis. Wednesday morning I drove on home in Mississippi, down that gravel road in the country to our homestead.

What an adventure!!


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