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Bucket List

Here goes…Violet and me and my grand-dog Annabelle — my daughter’s Yorkie-Bishon, who now lives with us in the country.

Beginning list of where I’d like to visit…

Back to Maine the first weekend in August for Lobsterfest in Rockland. Hubby Jerry and I went several years ago. We went in a pickup from Jackson, MS, east to Myrtle Beach, SC, and then up the east coast, seeing as many lighthouses as we could find. The only reservation we had was for 6 nights in Rockland, and we had 10 days to get there. We went on north in Maine and went whale watching on a huge catamaran ship but couldn’t go to Nova Scotia because we didn’t have passports with us. So when I go back to Maine, I also want to go to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Disneyworld / Universal Studios / etc.

Miami and the Florida Keys

AustinTX and Hill Country west of there where I used to live and where my parents are buried.

Great Lakes

Canada due north where friends live part of the year.

Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game.

Carbondale, Illinois, for total solar eclipse 2024.

I’m sure the list will grow. lol


Meet Violet — My Adventure Residence On the Road

Meet Violet!! She is named for my Mummy, who loved to picnic, camp, fish, and dove hunt. RIP Violet Christine Laymance Beaty. I am Jerri Lynne Beaty Molder.

Wow! I am so excited to have found her!
And, yes, you can find a great deal on craigslist if you just carefully weed your way through the SCAMMERS! Shame on them!!

Violet is a 25′ Aerolight bumper-pull travel trailer that is EXACTLY what I invisioned. Double bed in the back. Full bathroom. Self-contained except no generator, which is perfect because then I can put a small one in the back of my pickup and it shouldn’t be so LOUD like the Onan is in the Class C motorhome we have, which will be for sale on craigslist shortly. Full kitchen except for oven, which I don’t need, and which I will compensate for with a toaster oven. Frig and Freezer have separate doors — yay — which means it’s a real freezer and bigger and much more functional than what’s in our motorhome!!

The seller showed me how to hook it up to our pickup — already had a hitch and a towing package on the pickup. I slept there in his father and mother-in-law’s yard, and pulled out in the morning Wednesday. It pulled very easily!!

Note: Hubby has pulled a flatbed trailer with either our mini-excavator or tractor which is over 4000lbs for years. Violet is just a little over 4000lbs.

Readers may or may not understand, but I have to say that Violet is an answer to prayer. I asked my Heavenly Father if it was within His will, to please help me find a small enough, short enough, light enough, travel trailer for between $2500-$3000, and He answered that prayer “yes”. His lovingkindness is amazing, and I hope and pray that I will always bring glory to Him. Jesus died for me, and you, and is my Savior and Lord.

Happy Trails!!

Healthy Wt Loss

1250 Calories is daily goal
Total Planned: 1165 Calories

Bologna, chicken, beef, and pork
2 thin slice
77 Calories
Imitation cheese, American
1 slice (.75 oz)
50 Calories
Eggs, fried in animal fat
2 large egg(s)
192 Calories

LUNCH 229 Calories
Romaine lettuce, raw
1 cup, mixed greens
8 Calories
Salad dressing, feta cheese
1 tablespoon
80 Calories
Egg, hardboiled
1 large egg(s)
71 Calories
Foccacia cracker
3 rectangle
70 Calories

DINNER 201 Calories
Crab cake, sauteed in butter
1 cake (2-3/4″ across, 3/4″ high)
149 Calories
Broccoli, frozen, cooked (with salt, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray)
1 cup, spears
52 Calories

SNACKS 417 Calories
Almonds, raw MORNING SNACK
¼ cup, whole, unblanched
206 Calories

1 medium (2-3/4″ across)
72 Calories

Cottage cheese LATE NIGHT SNACK
½ cup
97 Calories
Blueberry, raw
½ cup
42 Calories