Building Greenhouse and Woodworking /Tool Room

We started building the greenhouse and woodworking / tool room on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. Below are the BEFORE pictures. The greenhouse will be on the front part where our mini-excavator, aka “Tonka” (yellow), is sitting and the workshop will be where the red tractor is sitting. The silver stainless steel container is then back further in the picture. To the left of this gravel driveway is our home.

Monday, the 19th, was a beautiful day weather-wise, and we went over to [continued here from] our deer camp trailer down the road, picked up 35 1ft-square X2-in thick concrete stones/blocks, from flat on the ground, and loaded them into the back of the pickup and brought them home. I (Lynne) unloaded them one-at-a-time and handed them to Hubby (Jerry), who was on his knees, levelling the ground and placing them (teamwork). That is the pad at the end of our back steps for our upright, frost-free, freezer that’s still in the city.

So, Tuesday the 20th, for the beginning of building the greenhouse, we sat outside (with our screwdrivers) and made measurements and plans and lists of supplies. We’re 64 and 70, and we were really tired from Monday. It always hits me the 2nd and 3rd day worse but really helps if we keep doing more each day. I always have varying degrees of lower back pain, but after a hard day of work, it’s more muscle exhaustion… lol… It’s all good!! Keeps us feeling alive!!

Also, Tuesday, we went down to Jerry’s garlic/onion raised bed garden by the gravel road and looked at and measured concrete blocks because we were deciding what we want to use around the bottom of the greenhouse. But, all this helped me rethink whether or not I want to use concrete blocks for raised bed garden beds. Haven’t decided. That’s another topic for later, but what do y’all like for raised beds?

Yesterday, Wednesday the 21st, we went to town (15 miles). It’s this great little town that has most of what we need all the time. Occasionally, we have to go to the bigger city 45 miles away where Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Lowes are and restaurants to meet my brother and our sister-in-law for lunch. But, yesterday we went to lumber yard, cigar store, grocery store, drugstore, and lunch only 15 miles away. We got 4 concrete blocks, 4 thinner concrete blocks, and treated 2X4s (bought 6 and they gave us 3 more slightly irregular). Eventually, we’ll need more of all of this. Oh, and we got a 20-ft culvert for the deer camp driveway that’s falling in. Needless to say, we had pulled a flatbed trailer to town.

Also yesterday, we cleared everything out from the area where the greenhouse and woodworking room will be except the tractor and Tonka. Tonka appears to have a hydraulic leak ugh! And, these will have a new parking place under the roof on the other side (front) that will require a little tidying up. The clearing we did involved more lifting, loading and unloading of some kinda heavy pots and terra cotta saucers, etc. Having my greenhouse for that is going to be wonderful!!

We (I especially) was excited to get a lot done on the greenhouse this week. We have so much to do before spring!! But, today I’m  laughing at us because we are not doing anything on the greenhouse. It’s cloudy and the high is only forecast to be in the 50s (we could have managed that) but the wind is out of the ENE at 12 miles per hour!! Tonight and tomorrow rain is expected.

But, hopefully Friday we’ll get the perimeter 2X4s for the floor started. It’s supposed to be sunny and in the 50s.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

P.S. Before I could get this finished and posted, it has started raining!!


Before PictureBefore Pictures



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