Oysters = Starting a New Category = Cooking

Oysters A part-time neighbor who lives in Louisiana brought us oysters this morning!! Hubby started shucking them and eating them raw and shucking some and putting on a cookie sheet on the half-shell for me to prepare to broil. I have baked them before but had never broiled them. They were good!! I made a paste of the ingredients listed below, put a little dollop on each oyster, preheated the broiler and placed the pan on the highest rack until the edges curled and the oyster was done to my liking (about 4 minutes). The buttery juice in the shell is good, too. I’m planning to make oyster stew tomorrow.

softened butter                                Worcestershire sauce

garlic                                                paprika

finely chopped parsley                        ground red pepper

finely grated parmesan                  hot sauce                                           salt to taste

Oysters Broiled and Crackers Oysters Broiled Oysters with Butter


One thought on “Oysters = Starting a New Category = Cooking

  1. I looked up Worcestershire sauce online and found some interesting information. Lea & Perrins’ factory is in the City of Worcester in Britain. Also, there is a beautiful 12th century cathedral there.


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