Having One’s Own Space

Setting aside a space that is one’s own is special!! It should hold treasures and memories and be a place of contentment and peace. ~Lynne

I might as well start my Arts & Crafts category with an admission that my arts & crafts room is in a mess. I have one small bedroom designated as and dedicated to my art, crafts, sewing, hubby’s desk, hubby’s closet, and our files and office supplies. It has two work tables and lots of extra shelves.

Let’s say it’s half organized. I unpacked and organized a lot of boxes and plastic bins about a year ago, and it was looking great. Then about 2 months ago I needed the rest of the plastic bins for my daughter’s moving, so a lot of “stuff” got put out onto my two work tables. And, there it still sits. I plan to start on the reorganization tomorrow!!

Right now I’ll share some pictures of the room prior to this most recent mess. This first one is when I unpacked at first and before I organized the first time.




After – Shelves to the Left

Sewing Cubby to the Right

After – Sewing Cubby to the Right



2 thoughts on “Having One’s Own Space

    • I keep saying I’m going to work on mine. And, this cold weather when I can’t really, or don’t want to, get outside to do anything would be the perfect time to do it. Also, I know I’ll enjoy it so much once I get it organized again and can work in there. I’ve been dabbling with crafts all my life a little and have collected a lot of trinkets. Several years ago, I helped a friend clean out her mother’s house after she passed away and was given costume jewelry no one in the family wanted. I’ve always been sure there are a lot of artsy uses for it! I even have a string-art kit of an owl that I’ve moved around with me for probably more than 40 years and have never opened the box. I have a stained glass lamp kit that’s still in a very heavy box from about the same time. I love all of this collecting of stuff and just laugh at myself!! Now that I’m retired and have few responsibilities, I can spend pretty much all the time I want to on my art and crafts. I’ve done a little mosaic work and want to do much more. I just need to get busy! 🙂


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