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Crepe Myrtle, Roses, Purple Sage, Tiger Lilies

Crepe Myrtle, Roses, Purple Sage, Tiger Lilies

Good Afternoon!! (and now Good Evening!!)

This was written on January 5, and posted right before midnight, but it dated the post the 6th…no biggy. After trying to put images and text on a page early this morning (like 1 a.m.), I’ve decided that I just need to post under different categories instead of so many pages and see how that works. I told you I’m not very tech savvy.

So, today I thought I’d start at the beginning by sharing  some pics from the yard we had when we lived in the city. This will give you some ideas of where I might be headed for our country yard, but, of course, the space is very different.

In the city, we lived in a single-wide mobile home at the edge of the parking lot across from my husband’s shop. Our green spot of a yard was at the back part of the front and about 30X30. One of the first things I did was make a flower bed inside and along the back fence (above). My philosophy is that one can make their outside space pretty and inviting no matter how small and no matter what the hard-scape is around it. This picture is when the bed is about 2 years old. The first plant on the left is a lavender crepe myrtle that started as a volunteer “baby” from a friend’s plant. It continued to grow while we were there until it was taller than the fence — maybe 8 feet. There is another one planted at the other end of the bed which grew to about 12-15 feet. After we moved to the country 10+ years later, we pruned them to about 4 feet tall and transplanted them almost a year ago. We also pruned back two bigger red crepe myrtle that were beside our carport there to about 5 feet and transplanted them. They all sprouted and bloomed last summer except the lavender one closest in this picture. We thought it was dead, because it didn’t sprout new limbs. But, then it grew “babies” from the roots.

The pictures below are of our first attempt of a koi and goldfish pond in the city. That’s the back fence in these pictures, too, and the far end of the flower bed. You can see our attempt at a water fall. We had had a drainage problem at the front door and porch, on the carport, so we built this slightly slanted gravel path from the carport to the end of the pond. Overflow from the pond drained under the waterfall and on under the fence to a ditch.

First Koi and Goldfish Pond

First Koi and Goldfish Pond

Had been established about 9 months

Had been established about 9 months


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